how to design a boost converter by using LT1172

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hello all, I have a project to deal with the boost converter.
I want to try to use the LT1172, however, I don't know how does this IC works. Could anyone help here??? I meant, I don't know how to put the parameter of those components like resistor, capacitor and inductor...

My aim is from 12V to 45V... Tq, input source is Battery


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Opss, so sorry about it. But, these 2 posts are different, ain't ?
Although both are same related to boost converter, another is regarding the problem with inductor.
I thought they are different, that's why i posted another new1 here...


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I haven't seen the other threads.

What will the battery voltage range be? If a 12v lead-acid battery, that would be 14.5v (charging) down to 11.4v (100% discharged).

What kind of output current do you need? Do you want the output to be isolated from the input?

I used an LT1171 which has the same basic specs, only 2.5A out rather than 1.25A output current.

Take a look at the schematic at the bottom of the 1st page of the datasheet; it's a boost converter using the LT1170. With 12v in, the LT1170 boost circuit will be limited to ~50W output, according to the graph on the right. An LT1172 would be limited to 1/4 that, which would be around 12.5W; so with 45v out, you'd get a max of 12.5w/45v =~ 277mA out.

The regulator tries to maintain a constant 1.24v on the FB (feedback) input by switching the Vsw output.

In the boost configuration, the output cannot go lower than (Input_voltage - Vf_of_D1.)