How to decide what mosfet driver to use and help with wiring.

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First and foremost, hello everyone.

I am taking the plunge from commercial h-bridge modules in favor of cheaper and much higher capacity mosfets. I noticed that I need a driver in order to reach that 10V difference needed to turn the mosfet on fully so I went to digikey and looked at them.

Using the nuts and volts pdf about making your own h-bridge I decided to use a HIP4081 along with 4 HRF3205 but the problem is that on the data sheet it shows the entire h-bridge schematic with no ressistors or anything but in nuts and volts it shows a couple of resistors, diodes, and caps. Also the driver costs $8 while a cheaper one (ISL83202IPZ dip version) is only $2 but half the current.
1)Should it still be able to run the mosfets and do I need those caps? Can anyone give me a digikey list of parts that I would need to get this running other then the MCU and vreg?

Is there a better way to run the mosfets using a different driver?
I also noticed that there are h-bridge ics with the mosfets inside the chip but most are only around 6 amps or so yet I found a 30 amp chip for just $11 (VNH3SP30).
2)It seems good but I would need a breakout board, are there any chips like that one but DIP?

I will first be using simple small DC motors that are used in small RC cars but later plan to move on to drill motors hence me wanting to start working with mosfets already and the appeal of using them in parallel shifts me more from internal to external switching.

3)Opinions on this, better cheaper way to run the motors?

Thanks for your time :D