How to convert .dat file into a sound file

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    May 30, 2014

    I am currently working on a analog active noise control circuit that uses a 2 second long music piece as an input. The circuit works fine. The output when viewed in Cosmoscope is satisfactory. But I need to convert it into a sound file (any format) in order to check its reproducibility and integrity. Is there any software to do this ? I tried some software to change the output data formatted as a csv file into a wav file. But they have not worked so far. I am still searching for a possible way to solve this . Please help. Thank you
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    can you post the file? Some programs like cooledit 2000 were able to open a raw data file and interpret it according to your setting, like 8bit and 16khz.
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    You could convert it into a .wav file fairly easily if you have any programming experience. Essentially you just have to create the appropriate header data, because I assume the .dat is PCM like a .wav file.