How to convert .c file to .hex file (babupremkumar71)

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    This mail was from babupremkumar71 on 08-05-2011.
    On behalf of him I am posting this thread.

    All about circuits is an open froum so please don't ask your questions through e-mail rather post a new thread so that other people having same problem could get some help from your post...

    Any C compiler which can produce *.hex fromat binary will do it.

    A mcu executes code you may say program,and C compiler is just a program.So if you can write a C compiler for your mcu then it will contain a C compiler.But I think you didn't ask about that...may be you wanted to know which mcu supports C programming language.All the mcu supports C programming,you just need a C compiler for the target mcu.C compiler just converts the high level C language to mcu's own native language.Like for example for Microchip's PIC I use HI TECH C compilers under MPLAB.

    As per me both are best,it depends on the application.

    You asked nothing wrong,just ask it on your post.

    Good Luck