how to convert a variable dc to constant supply

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i am having a variable dc voltage having a max peak value of 3.5V (varying from 0 to 3.5 voltage ), i want to convert this to a constant dc supply.Plz suggest any simple method to do the same.

to be specific i am having an output that can blink the led but the led blinking is highly fluctuating (changes its intensity in every instant).i want to convert this fluctuation to a constant output voltage.
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What is your required constant DC output voltage?

Clearly you won't be able to convert an input of 0V to anything other than 0V - unless you have a means of storing energy for the time the input is at zero volts. So if the input might be at 0V for a 'long time' you may have to set your minimum variable input to something greater than 0V.

Perhaps you could define your requirements in more detail.