how to construct a automatic voltage regulator for a generator using microcontrollers

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    Nov 3, 2012
    i have a rotary converter generator (208v, 400 hz, 3 phase, 30 kva)

    can you lease help me out with a circuit for designing its avr module,

    its old avr module has burnt out

    previous avr used to take input feedback from all three phases of main winding

    and neutral

    line voltage = 208v u-v, v-w, w-u

    phase voltage =120v u-n, v-n, w-n

    the exciter field resistance =129 ohms
    the three main windings are healthy and are showing equal ohmic value of 0.3 ohms

    with previous avr module following were the exciter field current an exciter field

    voltage at no load

    exciter field current = approx 0.3 amps

    exciter field voltage = approx 36v-38v