How to connect multiple load cell outputs together?

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Hello every one

I am trying to make a weighing machine using load cells with a maximum capacity of 500 Kg.For this i made a rectangular platform with 4 load cells on each corner and i connected the +ve excitation to +5 v and the -ve excitation to GND. Instead of processing each load cell output separately i connected the output together and gave to an ADC input. Now the problem is that the output is not same for the same load when placed on different points of the platform.So i would like to know whether there any other better methods for connecting load cell outputs together.

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I'm assuming you meant to say four load cells total with one on each corner.

This is typically done by connecting the four load cells using a resistive summing (mixing) circuit. This circuit includes multi-turn trim pots to adjust the load cells for equal readings.

It's also important to make sure the load cells are all making equal contact to the floor. Do the load cells have adjustable "feet" ?


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Would you recommend this for an absolute beginner? Can something go terribly wrong?
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Do you have a question about load cells.?:)

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