how to connect mains operated mini water pump to a relay


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The document you linked to covers many models of the PB series relay:
where: "xxx" = 005, 006, 012, 024, indicating the voltage of the coil.
The configuration of the contacts is different depending upon the 2 digits following "PB"

Additionally, this relay is designed for installation into a printed circuit board. If you are not planning on either making, or having a printed circuit board made for it, you should return it and get one that is designed for screw-type terminals.

Wiring into the mains can be very dangerous, to both lives and property. If you are not sure of what you are doing, I strongly urge you to contact a licensed electrician to do it for you.

You will need more than just a relay.


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First you need to verify that your pump will not draw more current than the contacts of your relay are rated for.

Connect any low voltage control circuitry to the coil of your relay. (pins A and B)

Next, you need to make certain the breaker for your mains circuit is shut off. Then check the mains with a meter to make absolutely certain.

Connect the ground lead of your pump to the ground lead of the mains. Connect the neutral lead of your pump to the neutral lead of the mains.
Connect the hot lead of the pump to the relay "normally open" or "normally closed" lead, depending on your needs. (pin 12 or pin 14)
Connect the hot lead of the mains to the "common" lead of the relay. (pin 11)

Triple-check your connections.
Turn the breaker back on.
Test your pump motor control.

If ANY of the above does not make sense, get a licensed electrician. Your life and health are worth more than a few hours pay!


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IF your pump has a "double insulated case," then connect same as above, but without ground connection.

If your pump does NOT have a "double insulated case," then consult an electrician.