How to compare reverse recovery time between diodes in different test conditions?

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    Wassup, newbie here :D
    This looks like a very nice forum! I've checked on some of the lessons and they're really informative! :D


    If I were to compare the trr between 1N4148, UF5408, 1N3595.
    I'm not specifically trying to compare those two diodes, but just as an example.
    I chose those because they seem to have very different test conditions.

    1N4148 (…
    Test condition:
    when switched from IF = 10 mA to
    IR = 60 mA; RL = 100 Ω;
    measured at IR = 1 mA

    Results: 4ns

    UF5408 (…
    Test condition:
    IF = 0.5 A,
    IR = 1.0 A,
    Irr = 0.25 A

    Results: 75ns

    1N3595 (…
    Test condition:
    IF = 10 mA,
    VR = 3.5,
    RL = 1.0 kΩ

    Results: 3µs

    So, perhaps I can get a value that is relative like reverse recovery speed?
    I'm still very new to this...
    Can also explain what is IF, IR, Irr, RL, and VR?

    Thank you very much! :D
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