How to choose correct microcontroller? Do I need an FPGA?

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  1. Management

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Hi Everyone,

    For my system I want:

    - A variety of I/O - Temperature readings, etc.
    - A variety of serial I/O that I can use to send and receive data over a powerline carrier modem (separate board)
    - Some memory for saving historical I/O data over time. Would only keep a months worth of data, weeks worth, and days worth.
    - A processor (FPGA?) for using serial data, looking at historical data, Kalman Filters, and making decisions off this information, sending it back over serial out to powerline carrier modem.
    - Obviously some on board ADC for I/O. 8 to 10 bit (too high?)

    I have no clue about what the choices are out there. A friend of mine said maybe PIC or gumstix. No Clue. So I need everyone's help.

    I figured I can take data every hour from about 3-5 I/O. Not sure how much resolution I need for temperature data.

    Hopefully you guys can provide options and get this conversation going. Thank you.
  2. guitarguy12387

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    Apr 10, 2008
    For a one-off, have a look at the arduino. Great way to get started with uCs.

    Sounds like it should be good for your application. And cheap!

    Something like 15 digital i/o, 5 ch of (i think 10 bit) ADC. PWM. Free published IP for serial communication. Lots of support.
  3. Gavin

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    Sep 18, 2009
    The Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR are good places to start as well as there is a lot of (free) resources out there to help get you started.