How to charge parallel Lipo batteries

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I am thinking about ordering two Lithium Polymer batteries for my project, and connect them in parallel to get +5000 mAh.

I haven't used this kind of batteries before, but I have read that if used wrong they can cause problems. The batteries I am going to order have build-in over charge and over discharge protection in them, so one problem down.

Next one is that how I am going to charge them? Because the batteries are 7.4V, do I use somekind of 7.4V charger, and where do I connect the charger? And can I charge them in parallel connection?
Also, can I use my device while charging the Li-Po batteries?


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You need a charger such as the Imax B6AC or the smaller cousin.
It is a programmable computerized charger that can be set for multiple cells of different types.
You can get them from either ebay or one of the RC outlets.