How to change the temperature of sub-circuits in LTSPICE?

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I have subcircuits of a solar cell (resistors and diodes) in LTSPICE. I want to connect the solar cells (sub-circuits) together. However, each solar cell has a different temperature. I can set the temperature of the program with .Temp but how can I change the temperature of each sub-circuit separately.

Here you can see my model. Even by adding the temperature to the sub-circuit, I see no changes in my open-circuit voltage.Any suggestions?
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I think you may need to have a TEMP parameter specified as part of the diode models.
Dear Alex

thank you for your response. It is possible to adjust diode model parameter when I do not define sub-circuits. I will have 72 solar cells, each with different temperature. How can I change the parameter in model diode via .subckt parameters?
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I was wrong about using TEMP within the diode model. But the following seems to work.
I created a simple junk subcircuit consisting of just a 1k resistor in series with a default diode, with temperature specified by parameter {th}.
Here's the subckt definition:-

.SUBCKT junk a b c
R1 c a 1k
D1 c b D temp={th}
.model D D
.lib standard.dio

This is a test sim, using two instances of 'junk' with different {th} values:-

You should be able to adapt your model like line 3 of the above model.