How to burn a hex file into microcontroller??

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Hi guys I'm new to this form.I just wanted to do a micro controller project.My question is what is the hardware which connects my pc to mc to burn the hex file.Can we made it on ourselves ???plz help me....


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Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've been on Rcgroups for a little while now but I've not found the electronic info I need for my projects there.

I'll be building my first programmer soon (had the parts for months but not had the time) the RCD Programmer is what I have chosen for when I get round to doing the WiFi robot car and the serial servo controller projects as they both use the same PIC chip.

The RCD programmer looks nice and simple, I think enought parts to build two cost less than 5GBP.


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You may want to consider a Picaxe uC. The programming software is free and the hardware (serial interface) is nothing more than a few resistors and diodes.


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@blah2222 Atmel mc I'm using
My personal favorite is the AVRISPMKII programmer you can purchase from Digikey. On the down side $36 is a bit pricey but on the up side it can program any one of the devices in ATMEL's 8-bit AVR family of microcontrollers. Well worth the money. ATMEL's C-language (WINAVR) and assembly language software (AVRSTUDIO4) development applications are free. WINAVR can be downloaded from and the AVRSTUDIO4 can be downloaded from You will need to download the AVRSTUDIO4 then get WINAVR since the latter is a plug-in to the former.