how to build own walkie talkie (cheap walkie talkie)

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helo..anyone can help me.i need a simple walkie tallkie circuit for receiver and transmitter..

i need circuit diagram.. the component list and the manual..i really appreciate if anyone help me..


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Good luck with that. :) I've seen kid toy walkie-talkies for around $10 for the pair, and most likely better then what you could build yourself for $50 in parts. You are going to need some expensive test equipment to tune and calibrate. What do you consider cheap?
Wait just a minute here.....your screen name is real assassin, and you want our help for a walkie talkie design?

I don't think so.............:D:D:D:D

And just where are you from, and who do you want to assassinate?


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I would say you go the other way around.
Borrow a kid's walkie talkie from someone.
Open it
Disassemble everything
Now start building a new from scratch


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It will blow your mind how difficult it would be to build your own.

We all take common products of yore for granted, but rest assured, it ain't a walk in the park.

As per post #3, the parts alone will cost far in excess than you would spend for an old pair of perfectly good walkies.
Not to mention the thousands of hours, pulling your hair out.

But, what you would learn would be priceless.
Sadly, few would even care.


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Building a working set of walkie talkies is not a very good beginner project. Just design of the circuit boards alone requires considerable knowledge. This is much like learning to swim in the deep end of the swimming pool. The simplest walkie talkies I remember from my childhood looked like this:
Can and String.png

Anything beyond that requires much more than a simple schematic or drawing along with a parts list. The parts placement on the circuit board alone is critical. You also can't have any frequency drift least you drift into unauthorized frequencies depending on where you are, for example country location. You also need to design the circuit board you plan to stuff with components.

A simple look at Amazon reveals basic children's toys like these for example and there is no way I could design or build just two units for the $16 price. Designing something even as simple as this requires a good working knowledge of RF theory which comes years after the basic fundamentals of electronics. Anyone here would be happy to help you if it were possible but again, it's not that simple.



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We can make a very simple morse code communicator , just a spark gap transmitter and a crystal set receiver, just a half dozen components , this should work over 10s of Km....

Surely it should be possible to do something similar with voice ?? ( for the moment lets forget about licences and regulations , and interfering with other transmitions)


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Construct and verify diode detector and audio operation for AM band. Battery powered and small whip antenna. i.e modern AM crystal set.

Construct 1 MHz tunable BFO for diode detector. Verify beat with local AM stations.

Now construct buffer and power amplifier for BFO. The buffer and amp are for oscillator stability and keying.....not for a lot of power.

Build and test two units.