How to build or where to buy an indicator light tester

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I am working on a project to make a tester for indicator lights on an instrument panel the company I work for assembles. The indicator lights plug into a main wiring harness, and I want to be able to plug the 8 pole square connector into a mating connector that will supply power to both indicator lights to ensure they work, before shipping out the instrument panel.

The indicator lights say that they are 14V, 1.2W. Does anyone know of a tester that can be plugged into a 120V outlet? (I've had no luck searching the internet) If not I would like to make one. I'm assuming I would need a transformer, rectifier, capacitor, and regulator. However, I'm not extremely experienced making circuits and want to make sure that I don't make a mistake and start frying indicator lights or burning up wiring harnesses.


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got a datasheet on the indicator lights?
14V AC or DC?
1,2,3, 4 lights per harness?

A simple wall adapter could be used to create a simple test jig and are readily available.