how to analyze discrete voltage regulators

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At the circuit attached, I cannot figure out how to get the currents necessary to determine the minimum load value for which the circuit still regulates. I have calculated the output as 9.15V. I believe that Q2 should remain off as long as the current is not too high, i.e it turns on when voltage drop across R2 is 0.7V to prevent Q1 from damage. If I have to calculate when it turns on... I don't think I can

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For this circuit the minimum load current is equal 0A
Simply becaues R5 must provide enough minimum current Zener diode work in Zener region.
Vo = (Vz + Vbe) * (1 + R4/R3) = (4.7V + 0.7V) * (1 + 1.18K/1.7K) = 9.1V
And the max load current is equal to.
Io_max ≈ Vbe2/R2