How long does it take for a thread to be displayed?

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I ask this as a new member so that I know if/when to get worried that a query I posted may have got lost or deliberately buried. Knowing this will tell me when to repeat myself without seeming to double post.

My earlier thread was about the use of a pot to reduced fan voltage\noise either as a rheostat or a voltage divider. Common enough Q but surely not to be ditched by the moderators??

I did look in New Posts but it was not there and the earliest thread was after my posting...

What a useful forum this looks. Congratulations!



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I can assure you that no post is ditched by the Mod team. I can only assume that if you made a post to the forums that it was lost in transmission. I am interested in hearing if you have been experiencing issues with posting since we have moved to a new server in the last couple of days, and you may have uncovered an issue. If so please post up anything you notice as a problem in this thread.

That said, feel free to post up your question to the forums, and on you say so I will lock this thread.

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