how get 12v/5v from locked pc chasing

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first sory about my newbie

i dont have internet conection,so i often go to internet cafe.wih my external sata hardisk for save internet content.
i have problem with powering my hd drive.i use ata/sata to usb conector.
adaptor for my hd is dead.and i make my own adapter 12v n 5v and it need ac 220v socket.

problem is in most internet cafe provide aditional ac socket,the worst is monitor n cpu cable power are sealed n cannot be parrareled with "t"socket so ican't powering my hardisk ps adaptor.

almost internet cafe in my neigbour lock thier cpu even covering it with box.but i still can acces back panel of cpu.
any one can help me to get 12v dc from cpu back panel(motherboard).try find lpt pinout,midi...nothing describe for 12v output.

try use batteries from cell phone(seri and parrareled 11,2v 5A)not long inough and stable.try find ic regulator for 5v(usb)to 12v ineed to go far another city.i live in small city that dificult to gain acces for electronic parts.

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i hv often dealing with 7 gigas + file,it "imposible" with usb flashdrive compare it with datatransfer side in my place only available 8 gigs flshdrive.
any one can help,mybe with batery volt/ampere stabilizer circuit/scheme?


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You can buy massive USB drives online. 32G / 64G and larger are available. What do you need that sort of storage for in an internet cafe? They'll boot you off for leaching and using up all their bandwidth, besides when they see you messing around the back of their PCs they'll probably ban you for that.


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There is no way to get 12V and 5V from the mother board to drive an external HD.
You need to have excess to the PC power supply jack at least for this purpose,
A better approach is an adapter.

Another though if you can deal with it.
Get a 12V 12A lead Acid battery, make a 5V regulator.
This way you can charge it and take it with you, it will be heavy, but you can get a few hour of HD runtime though


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Get a 2.5" HDD case with USB. Those are very cheap on ebay.

Put a Laptop hard drive in it.

The whole thing is then powered by USB only, no external power supply is required.

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thanks alot.4 all sugest.

right now i use my motor cycle accu ( +- 10 A)to powerup my hd drive.(its funny...)
alot people n internet cafe officer look at me with some "weird" face.even some of them think im mind.its urgent.i got some 13 gigs file for download.
and im test it howlong can stand.

may the final answer is real external month(get enough money)