How du we get banned on this forum?

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I noticed that Audiogure has been banned. As I can remember most of his postings has been of good technical standard. Perhaps he has been somewhat grumpy now and then. But we can all have a bad day.


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When one posts unacceptable commentary and continues to do so after notification from the moderators to curb the behavior, that may be the outcome. Bad days can be one thing; continued unacceptable behavior is quite another.

The quality of technical information posted is immaterial in that case.


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Just curious, is this forever, or does it have a duration?

I learned a long time ago arguing with moderators is a loosing proposition.

I took the time to follow up on his last remaining posts. Nuff said.

We have had others who were banned whos stay was of considerably shorter duration. They kept trying to build themselves up at other peoples expense. One of the things I really like about this site is how friendly we are to noobs.


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Whilst I encourage a general debate on management of forum conduct including "bannings", I think it best that specific cases involving individual members are not discussed in the open forum in the interests of all parties involved. If anyone has a question or wants to raise an issue regarding someone being banned please do so with me via PM and we can deal with it via that medium.

With that in mind, and that the question in the OP was answered, I feel it best that this thread be closed. The side discussion is continued in another thread. Thanks.

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