How do I implement an 8-1 multiplexer in a full adder?

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I am having trouble with the following question :

Implement a full adder using two 8-to-1 MUXes. Connect X,Y, and Cin to the control inputs of the MUXes and connect 1 or 0 to each data input.

Do I need to wire the two muxes to a full adder circuit or do I need to make a full adder out of two multiplexers?

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You need to implement the full adder by using the two muxes, not just wiring the muxes to a full adder. If you need a hint on how to achieve this, think of a full adder truth table, mapped to the muxes input and the correct output values are selected by three control lines, which are mapped full adder input.


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for the question: read the first reply to the op and ask any doubts u may have.