How do I desolder tiny LEDs?

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I'm interested in getting rid of some of the tiny super bright LEDs on my boards, the problem is that they are typically placed between a plastic header and several other components. I worry that I'd melt them in 2 seconds or desolder other things if I applied hot air as I have unintentionally, but ultimately successfully, done in the past with other projects (I resoldered the pieces on, but it's a pain and the air easily blows these teensey things off of the board).
Do you have an idea, tutorial, or video?

EDIT: Some people solve this problem by setting the air flow of their hot air gun to minimum and turning up the heat to 500C and they wonder why the heating coil burnt out/up. I'm not that stupid.

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solder wick each side a little then use small tipped iron and heat one side while gently prying it up just a little with the iron or a xacto. then use iron on other side. If its stubborn you may have to lift each side a few times before its clear. Have tweezers at the ready because the LED will stick to the iron when it comes off.

I love hot air, use it more then I'm sure most do.I have used it for leds sometimes but only when I can heat from the side or from the bottom. Never directly on the led. Not recommended tho unless your familiar with the part your working on pretty well and know exactly where to hit it.

You could also try just painting over them with marker. It helps reduce the brightness quite a bit.
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