how do i connect a wireless doorbell to 3V motor

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i purchased a heath/zenith wireless doorbell chime kit (model # SL-6147-WH) that runs off of (2) 1.5 volt batteres, which produces 3V through the doorbell. i then detached the speaker, and am trying to use the doorbell to power a 3V DC motor. (range 1.5-3V). the volts running through the wires where the speaker was soldered is about 3.1V. the motor works because i've tested it with 1.5V and 3V. also, when i depress the push button for the doorbell and the motor is connected, i can hear the vibrations of the 'chime' through the motor. the problem is that the motor is not turning when i depress the button. i wondered if maybe the signal being driven to the motor is sound signal only? are there resistors that need to be taken out? or maybe a transistor? im just starting to learn about electricity, so i definitely need help. thanks.


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You are putting an audio signal through the motor coils.

It sounds like you have too little current (amps). Measure the current from the "speaker wire" by using the 'A'mp setting on your multimeter. That will let you know what you are dealing with.

Voltage is only part of the equation. You still need amperage.

You can have 10,000 volts but .00001 amps like in a tazer. The 10,000 volts wont turn a 10v motor because it hasnt enough amperage to do so.