How do I choose which tip to use on the TCP Weller soldering iron

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On the Weller TCP soldering iron the tip determines the temperature of the iron.

Im fairly new to soldering so Im not to sure which tip to use.

I will be using the iron to solder resistors,capacitors, leds and IC's to veroboard/stripboard.

Which shape of tip should I be using and what is the temperature the tip should be at?

I found this information on the net for the TCP weller iron.

"The Letter is specific to the tip's profile/size (mass).
An "A" tip is 1/16" screwdriver profile
The Number determines the controlled temperature

6 - 600 degrees F
7 - 700 degrees F
8 - 800 degrees F"

So which tip should I be using?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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I have tried all tip temperatures about 47 years ago and selected 700 degrees F as the best one for old leaded rosin-core solder. Because the tip is plated and because the iron has temperature control then the tip lasts almost forever. I clean it on a damp sponge.

Each solder joint takes about 1 second. I also use it with a plunger (slurp) desoldering tool.