How did you find All About

How did you find All About

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Joined Nov 17, 2003
Well I've been wanting to ask this for some time! How exactly did you find All About Circuits.Com.

Did you go searching the web looking for something electronics related and stumbled in here, did you curiously click on a link on a site and this site popped up, has someone told you about this site as a "gotta see it!", or is there some other story?

As for myself, I accidently found this site through Yahoo! search engine whilst looking for information on Circuit Analysis. I had a gander round the site and thought it was superb, however I didn't start posting in the forums for about a month after I first started using this site.


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Joined Nov 17, 2003
Originally posted by lanre olutola@Mar 27 2004, 06:10 AM
How about likes attract and unlikes repel.

Yeh, I got attracted into the circuits. :p
Maybe I should have put that on as an option!



Joined Jan 10, 2004
One must avoid the resistance to .... the impedence to sequential capacities for inductive (and deductive)reactance toward and almost resonance toward a nearly transcendental function which drives the elocution which so energizes this board. We must overdrive the more mundane choices of off-the-shelf components of language...and synthesize a speech more massively integrated as I pass thru the and/or gate to home and motherboard I wish you all good cheer and a Happy Easter

I ran into a co-worker in the lunchroom today looking rather glum as he retreived an inexpensive but popular nonetheless salad sandwich from the vending machine. Knowing that he wanted to escape the Dilbert-like cubicles as is our lot in life and pursuing a possible break-away as a new stand-up comic, I asked how his audition went at the comedy club last night.
"I stunk"...he said with a jaundiced eye. "I had a standing ovulation."( head back into his sandwich). Knowing that his command of the english languge wasn't the best I said, "a standing ovation, well that sounds good eh?". "No, you half-boiled omelette-brained nincompoop. The audience stood-up and threw rotten eggs at me and all over the damned stage." Before I could contain my sense of irony with a dash of compassion I blurted "Well, I guess the yolk was on you ". Not entirely so. With that he promptly smote me with the rest of his aborted sandwich. I wish I hadn't egged him on!


Joined May 16, 2005
For the umpteenth time in several years, I was trying to find a plain-English explanation of those mysterious op-amps. Google presented me with Chapter 8 of Volume III. Shortly thereafter I started arguing with Dave about base current tolerances or some such esoterica.


Joined Jul 22, 2007
I read about this forum on another similar forum (electro-tech), we share several members... It was a post from a college student trying to cram a semester's worth of work into the last few days, and instead of just hitting the books, was hoping to get the forums to do the bulk of it, by posting his assignment on every forum on the net. Every few days, he would either renew the request in a new thread, or ask for more explination on what was given. Kind of the reason college kids are usually treated a little hostile. I only expect to see that they made some attempt on their own before posting, and show what they've done.


Joined Apr 2, 2007
i was looking to trouble some forum with this,
incidentally i thought something similar might be discussed on net and i came across this site..then i noticed the forum tab :p.

oh yeah of course i searched with google.


Joined Jan 10, 2007
I was interested in how every electric thing works since I was like 7. I always build small cars, etc. Until one day I decide learn really electronics and start searching in Google about electronic tutorials, and after a while found this amazing forum :D:D
btw there are many electronics forums, but this one is definitely the best.
Now I got a question: Since when this forum was running?

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Joined Nov 17, 2003
This might sound weird, but last night I was thinking about this thread and thinking it might be an idea to do some market research and ask this very question again since AAC doesn't advertise and relies on both word of mouth and people linking to the e-book from other sources.

I'm quite spooked now!! :eek:



Joined Apr 19, 2007
Well !!!!...There I was searching for as much info as I could on high Q notch filters, and info on the MF10 switched capacitor filter IC's.Then I found this site and noticed that a lot of people needed help and advice, so I signed up......It is a great site, and between all on it there is a massive amount of electronic an mechanical knowledge..... This is what the internet was meant for !!!!Daniel.


Joined Aug 15, 2007
I was looking for the formula for the fo of a tank circuit, and Google led me to the excellent formula sheets. I was so impressed, I wanted to see what the site was about, and got even more impressed!



Joined Apr 27, 2007
I actually forgot... but I believe it was through a search engine. Excellent site. B)
Same situation here. I guess I was bored, so I decided to do a free search around electronics. I could never guess that I would dedicate some time to AAC for the next few months.

AAC was also an opportunity to share my knowledge and my projects. Without AAC, my projects would remain in the drawers, so to speak.
i found it in google when i tried to search for the "clippers" topic...and it directed me to this forum....i'm glad i found this will help me a lot...thanks