How could I connect a power supply through a converter into an arduino power supply?

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image.jpgI’m trying to attach an led to a power supply and an arduino, but I don’t understand how I should connect the wall power supply to the converter and from the converter into the power supply for the breadboard. Are there any things I could use?


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The mains adapter has a voltage select switch underneath, what are the settings,? and the centre pin is usually Positive which will have a White stripe on the wire.

Adapter to the +/- 12V input, then the 5V output to the breadboard .


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this is how that breadboard power supply is used. These are lower power I would not pull more than couple hundred mA.

the DC-DC power supply looks like it will supply more current but you will likely need a beefier 12/24V supply to utilize 5V@10A.