HOW control an RC car and a stepper motor with a GSM phone?

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    Oct 11, 2012
    hi all

    i want make RC connect with parallel port and make it many functions like( go left ,right, back up and Forward) i knew how i do this and i am start to work it but i want add new function like ( .Use GSM module for full control through a mobile phone by message and . GPS to determine the coordinates of a car, especially when stolen .... And send coordinates to the owner of the car number through this type is very important
    this is my idea i want improve my project i do not want just make this functions ( go left ,right, back up and Forward )
    my Q .
    how i Use GSM module for control an RC?
    How to add GSM in this project so that functions ( go left ,right, back up and Forward)controlled by computer(parallel port ) and GSM through a message on the mobile phone
    also How to add Stepper Motor ?
    note :The whole work is applied to same car

    this link project details about RC CAR (Parallel port interfacing ) only without
    Stepper Motor and GSM[^]

    i hope all understand me ^^:)