How connect Dual Generator sources

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I have several small win mills of different sizes (Max. output current ) that make from 8v-20v DC out at my cabin in the mountains off the grid and we need away to combined the outputs into one.

Right now, I am using "Batteries Isolator (Diodes)" to isolate the generators inputs from the batteries but the generator that is putting out the most voltage is the only one charging the batteries so I need away to combine all the generators outputs so they are all charging the batteries!!??

The following is the information on my system:

Battery voltage: 6V in 12v DC configuration

Battery capacity: 400AH each

Generators rated output voltage: 15vDC Max.

Generators rated output capacity: 10, 5, 3 amps at DC Max20v DC

Number of batteries: 6 each

Number of Generators: 3 each

Charging regulation: After battery voltage reach 14.3 charging stops in 30 to 90 Mins.

Any solar in the system? NO

All the controller I seen with multi power inputs use diodes isolate the different source of current. All the test with this type of isolation configuration Will share the load only if the voltages source are from 12-12.7 Volt DC plus the max power transfer happen when one of the voltage sources is high enough to block all of the other source from supplying any current to the load?!

Thank you for your help.