How can we provide auto changeover in a solar energy system

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We have been installing solar energy systems since 1997 but have been facing with one peculiar challenge.

In an electric inverter/UPS, whenever electricity goes off, inverters/UPS comes ON handy. However in solar inverter/UPS, we have to use manual ON/OFF so as one can use the solar inverter/UPS for a said duration even when there is no power cut. However this is felt as an inconvenience by some of the users.

Is there any solution of auto-change-over with out loosing the benefit of using solar inverter/UPS even when there is no power-cut.


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Auto usually means automatic, so how is it going to automatically know when the user wants it to switch? You may need to explain in a bit more detail on what you are trying to accomplish.


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Only way i can see this working is a ( 230V Europe ) (USA 120v )coil relay across the incoming mains, and the contacts feeding the solar system.


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Automatic Transfer Switch ..

This is not an endorsement of that particular switch, but a page you can read to see some of the available options.

The relay mentioned above will work, but, if your mission critical, you might want to switch power after the loss of x cycles, or switch when power exceeds or reduces to certain criteria.

The complexity of the system will determine the dollar cost.