How can I Use Pspice (orcad) to plot the BJT I-V transfer characteristics graph?

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:p I'm newbie in Pspice(orcad) and an till now all the traces I have ever plotted have time in x-axis (Transient Analysis). :confused:I don't know how to plot a graph of any else like for example BJT I-V transfer characteristics graph.

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Here's how you do it in LTspice.
You basically have two nested DC sweeps. The first is Vce, which you should give very fine steps (I used 10mV steps to 10V), followed by Ib, which needs to be relatively coarse steps (I used 2mA steps, from 0 to 10mA). You should be able to do the same thing in Pspice.
The .asc file will run in LTspice.