How Can I Get My Personal Synthesizer To Sound Like This?

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Okay well I'm working on my own little Synthesizer using this schamatic and making modifications to it:

    The only difference is with that is that I'm using .22 μF instead of .10 μF because of Radioshack... :p

    Anyways I have it so when I press a button I get different tones of course and I made a little whammy kind of variable resistor to it so I can get different tones.

    But I was kinda hopping to get something that sound aether like a 8bit game or techno music. Kind of something of this sound:

    Now I'm not asking to listen to the hole song, but the type of sound being used to play the song from the very start to the end. I was wondering if it was possible with a few changes I could achieve a close affect using what I have now. I also have a LM386 if that could maybe change anything, but anyways I'm very interested in music and creating my own little instrument I could plug into my computer and record some songs.

    I got the idea to make this for fun from videos I seen about the Monotron thanks to Collin from Make Magazine.

    Anyways, thank you!

    - Ajm
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    The 555 oscillator is a simple square-waveform buzzer with frequencies selected by the trimpots.

    But a music synthesizer circuit selects different sound tones and selects the attack and decay time for each tone. It also has many oscillators that can play at the same time to make chords.

    The keyboard in the techno you posted has the sound tone of a sawtooth-waveform which is fairly simple to make with a 555 oscillator and an amplifier.