How can I build a Subwoofer

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Does anyone have a diagram and parts list on building my own subwoofer? preferrably with its own volume control and rca input/output jacks??


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Try googling words like subwoofer, build, DIY. Or look at

All you need is an power amplifier, speaker, a box, and maybe few other parts.
What power are we talking about?


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This has to do with calculations it may work to help you with some of the fundamentals even if it deals with car audio.
Ah, might be the place.

You need a crossover network, the subwoofer speakers (s) and a box for a passive one.

If your amplifier has a line level subwoofer out you can dispense with the crossover network and get another amplifier to drive the subwoofer(s) and a box.


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is there any pages have wave theory,speaker box design theory,and more ... ?

i don't like some DIY audio site,because they get some formulas,but they don't tell me how to get it.


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I’ve build 2 speaker boxes with superwood option 3.
3. 2-Way Trapezoidal 15" Reflex Enclosure For Colossus 15B or 15B-600

Sounds nice, it have a lot of bass

Formulas and programs

The best option would be to try to buy a pair of speakers, building or trying to design it, it’s more expensive and time wasting, but my fane boxes play nice :rolleyes:

I hope this is what you needed :D