HOW can a custom IP READ/WRITE data to DDR2 SDRAM PLB BUS

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Hi everybody,

I implement an xps system by using the Bus PLB. My IP core is added to the system using Create or Import Peripheral...
The Microblaze write several data to DDR2 SDRAM. I want to know how the IP core read all the data from this memory, modify it and write it back to DDR2 SDRAM via the PLB Bus interface.

Therefore, I would like to write the image data directly to DDR SDRAM. However, I am not sure how I can get my custom core to read/write data from/to the DDR using the PLB bus.
If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. I know that I will need to make my custom core a "Master" on the PLB bus but I can't find a good example on how to read/write to memory.

Thanks in advance.
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Why are you using a custom core? Why use old PLB and DDR2? If you use cores from the IP library, you get all the drivers to access them, and most likely get example code if you search. If you core is custom, you need to create all the drivers for it, or else contact the core author and get them from him.