Houston Hurricane

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Any member's on battery operated equipment in Houston AREA. EYE OF STORM READY TO PASS OVER. ANY GUEST----REPLY


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Everyone should know that hurricane survival is:
1. Ice.
2. Beer.
3. Sterno + stove.
4. Canned stew.
5. Batteries for radio.
6. Patience.


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Folk were supposed to evacuate. Quite a nasty storm, you know. Even if some forum member did stay behind with beer and batteries, they may not currently have internet access.


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Beenthere, your list is out of order.
#2 should've been #1.
I frankly am shocked that you didn't know that. :eek:
Meanwhile, in all seriousness I would rearrange the list as follows:
1. Water.
2. Food (stew, etc.)
3. Patience.
4. Sterno + stove.
5. Batteries for radio.
6. Beer.

Ammo and firearms aren't mentioned, which is a completely different subject. Anyone who's spent time in the military knows that their firearm aka weapon is the most important item in their inventory. In a disaster situation such as going on in Texas at the moment, it will likely be up to homeowners to ensure their family's safety from desperate people who may be sorely tempted to do "the wrong thing", and try to take what they need from their neighbor by force.

This is Texas. I wouldn't be surprised if at least 1/4 of the property owners had firearms, and know how to use them.

I pray for those who don't have them, but I also pray for those who do to use their firearms wisely, and appropriately.

A firearm in the hand beats a cop on the phone, but the knowledge that's priceless is to know when to hold your fire.


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Folk were supposed to evacuate. Quite a nasty storm, you know. Even if some forum member did stay behind with beer and batteries, they may not currently have internet access.
This is the sad thing - people not following directions.

They could've evacuated days in advance. Half of them stayed, and at the last minute, many of them flooded the 911 line to save them. Over 1,300 calls. Who knows how many were missed due to the lines being busy?

The smart ones got out early.

The dolts begged to be saved while the worst of it was going on.

Darwin at work?


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Ownership in Texas runs closer to 75 or 80%. Ownership does not imply competency, of course.
That's the problem - most don't have competency. :(

Frankly, I wish EVERYONE in the USA were competent in firearms handling - it would be a much more polite place. Sadly, many non-indoctrinated/uninformed/uneducated people get their hands on firearms, and repercussions are felt by those who DO know the rules and have practiced safety all of their lives.

Really and seriously - the only way to start solving this problem is for every kid in Kindergarten to be issued a BBgun (to be used under adult supervision, of course.)

By the 1st or 2nd grade, they should be shooting .22 caliber rifles. Some of you might think this absurd, but such activity was extremely commonplace in the 1950's and earlier.


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Being where you're talking about, I tend to agree. I haven't practiced with my firearms in 20 years, but I am fully confident in my proficiency and accuracy. When my Dad died just under a year ago I gathered his arms for safekeeping, if any of the grandkids want them later...

Dallas got lucky, Ike was heading straight for us with a visible eye intact, then veered easterly midstate. From the way people acted in the stores you'd have thought we lived on the coast.
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I've been through quite a few hurricanes here in Florida, never evacuated, probably never will. The storms path is very general, you never know. Once the storm arrives, just stay inside, away from windows (crap flying around outside), and hope there won't been too much of a mess to clean up later. The cool part is when the eye is directly over you, you get 20-30 minutes of relative calm weather, go out check the damage, walk the dog, fire up the propane cooker on the porch...

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Not too long ago some one memtioned that the computer will replace
short wave.That the reason that I brought the subject up..So far no storm victim's with the time and mean's have replyed.