Hotel Management System Under Construction!


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I thought the foundation was for the building itself. I don't know if what you have will work or not. Hotel Management Systems are something about which I know from nothing.


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Is the Foundation Okay?
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Nobody can answer that here because we have no idea what the problem definition is. Those tables and relationships might represent something meaningful but it's a tiny aspect of something called a "hotel management system" and might be better described as a "reservation management system".

Also the choice of MS Access raises many questions, Access is more or less a toy, you'd be better off using SQL Server in Azure to implement such a thing, that way you eliminate all kinds of problems like where to host the DB, how to back it up, how to handle disaster recovery and so on.

It might even be much simpler to subscribe to something like this:

This gives you cloud based hosting, access from mobile devices, 24/7 availability, worldwide access and so on and so forth.