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I have read through the various posts on the Horizon treadmill motor control board and can not see one that covers my situation. I have a Horizon Quantum 2, 240V.

After switching power on and pressing Start the motor does not run and error E1 is displayed. However if a speed of say 3mph is selected and the motor is rotated by pushing the treadmill belt by foot, to get the machine up to speed, the motor will start to run and will then operate normally. If the machine is shut down and restarted quickly the motor will start without assistance.

When checking the MCB from cold, after switching the power on, the LED status is:
LED 1 (+12V) – fully lit
LED 2 (+15V) – fully lit
LED 3 (MTR) – not lit
LED 4 (AC) dimly lit
LED 7 & 8 on lower board – not lit

When the start button is pressed
LED 1, 2 & 4 are fully lit
LED 3, 7 & 8 are not lit
There is no discernible voltage at the motor connections on the MCB, although this may be a feature of PWM control.

If I start this process again without the motor connected LED 3 (MTR) lights but there is still no voltage at the motor terminals, as soon as the motor is connected the LED turns off.

I have attached a schematic of the devices local to the motor output. This includes details of readings that I have taken on three diodes using a DMM in diode test mode. Two of the diodes have a black band with a H printed on them.

Any assistance would be much appreciated and please let me know if further details/photos would be beneficial.