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Hello, I just joined this forum today. I am trying to do a part of a proof of concept that seems like it should be simple.

I've seen this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/startingelectronics and they have a tutorial in the direction I think I need to go, using an arduino board.

My problem is getting started - and that is the direction I need. I'm a decent programmer, and feel pretty confident on that end, its just the electronics part.

What I need to do:

I need to measure the duration of time that a 2.8 volt LED is lit. I don't need to measure anything but that duration 0 - the total time is what I am after, so I can do stuff with that info. I'm a bit apprehensive about frying my computer :).

Can someone help me get started - at least what to buy? I have a multimeter, some leads, a battery, soldering iron, etc. I'm lighting my LED now.

Should I get a breadboard, an arduino board - do I even need one? Any input getting me rolling would be much appreciated.




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The basic circuit is below. The 10k resistor can be replaced with a larger value for more sensitivity.

Connect the collector to the input port of a microcontroller and start measuring.


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What accuracy and time period?

Miliseconds or weeks?

Do you just want a practical solution, or something to learn programming or put in production.


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can you access the leads of the LED you want to measure? Alternatively can you cover the LED?

If you are a programmer then an Arduino (or PIC) may be a good option since most of the effort will be in programming not electronics.