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    1. You are designing a common emitter amplifier using a silicon NPN transistor with a grounded emitter. The amplifier will be operated using a single 9 volt battery. Suggest a set of steady state voltages VE, VB, and VC that would ensure the amplifier would be operating in the active region for a low level signal input

    2. There are two common abnormal operating conditions that lead to failure in a bipolar junction transistor. Pick at least one and describe the conditions that lead to this failure, whether it is recoverable and how it can be prevented.

    3. Bipolar junction transistors are current amplifiers. What parameter (or parameters) are used to describe current gain?

    4. In a common emitter circuit for a bipolar junction transistor, RC sets the slope of the load line. What considerations are there in picking different load lines for a given RB?

    5. What mechanism causes current saturation in an NMOS FET?

    6. We discussed three power supply configurations: half-wave rectification, full-wave center tapped, and a full-wave bridge. Contrast any two with each other: what advantages or disadvantages does each have?

    7. Coupling capacitors are often used in the input and output stages of an amplifier. Why? What impact do these components have on the amplifier operation? Why? In a bipolar junction transistor amplifier with a base resistor of about 1 kΩ and a collector resistor of about 100 Ω, roughly estimate these capacitors for an amplifier used for audio applications.

    8. A standard silicon PNP BJT is to be used as an amplifier. The emitter voltage is biased at 4 volts, the base is biased at 5 volts, and the collector is biased at 10 volts. Will this circuit perform as desired? Why or why not?
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    Try following the guidelines for posting in this forum:


    You will get a much better response then just posting the problems that you are supposed to do and expecting someone else to just do your work for you for free.
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