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    Design a plc that will turn on pilot light PL5 (O:2/7)when pushbutton PB4 (I:1/0){N.O.} is pressed and released. when PB4 (I:1/0){N.O.} is pressed and released a second time PL5(O:2/7)turns off.When PB4(I:1/0){N.O.} is pressed and released a thrid time PL5(O:2/7) turns on. The pattern must repeat.
    I have tried to do this in the diagram attached but PL5(O:2/7) comes on and off randomly when I press and release PB4 (I:1/0){N.O.}, how can I correct this?
    It is noted that this should work as a voltage divider, where as PB4 (I:1/0){N.O.} is pressed and released twice in order to have the PL5(O:2/7) turn on and off once.
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    Here is one way to do it. It's a little lengthy but gets it done. There are other ways to do the same thing. Try to get it done with as few rungs as possible.