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    Oct 8, 2009
    three identical 12V batteries are connected in parallel across a load which consists of 1.2K Ohm, 2.2K Ohm, and 3.3K Ohm resistors in parallel. that is the value of the current supplied by each?

    I figured that since the batteries are in parallel then my Vtotal is 12V. I used teh reciprocals of the resitors to get Rtotal of 629 Ohm. I got Itotal of 19 milliAmp. I then divided 12V by each resistor. So R1 is 10mA, R2 is 5mA, R3 is 3mA. Which adds up to 18mA.
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    "The current supplied by each" -- each battery?

    Solve the equivalent resistance for the three resistors.
    Solve the voltage for the three batteries.
    Apply Ohm's Law.