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    i need help in my homework in automatic control. i tried to solve the problem, but i dont know how to start. maybe you can give me a hint? Thanks in advance :)

    Assume that xc(t) = 1u(t), where u(t) is a step function, i.e., u(t) = 1 for all t ≥ 0 and u(t)=0 for all t<0.
    1) For system x ̇ = −0.02x + 0.1V + d, design an open loop controller
    V (t) = F1xc(t)
    where F1 is a constant.

    a) Find F1 such that limt→∞(x(t)−xc(t))=0 when d=0, a=0, and b=0.
    b) Where is the pole of the controlled system when d = a = b = 0? Is the pole location affected by the choice of the control law parameter F1?
    c) What is the settling time of the closed-loop system when d = a = b = 0 (i.e., three times the time constant when d=a=b=0)?
    d) Find an expression for the tracking error xe = (x − xc) as a function of d, a, and b.
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    Nice of you to type out the whole question, but you have to make an attempt to solve it. THEN we push you in the right direction.
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    Apr 18, 2013
    :D i dont want u to solve the problem!!! I just want a hint to start!! because i am totally new in this topic and dont know how the start solving the problem. thats my first homework

    ok, i already solved (a), but which equotations should i use for (b) and (c)?
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    Apr 18, 2013
    i don't have the solution for c) and d) yet. can nobody help me? :(
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    Might be worth checking the original problem statement. What are a & b for instance? They don't get a mention in the function .....??