Home Safety: Smoke & CO2 Detectors

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I'm in the market for some Smoke & CO2 Detectors. I'm in a 2 story house so it's best to get 2 detectors, one on each floor. And battery operated too, I'm done with snaking wires in the walls for life.

Does anyone have any recommendations on these? Do the more expensive models with LEDs and talking outputs really do more for me then just blast a "get-the-*%#$-out" alarm?

Just tossing this out to some bright guys I know of for some comments.


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Do you have a security system? Sometimes you can add addons such as wireless smoke detectors. Its a little bit expensive in my taste, but they alert everyone a lot more effectively.


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Do you really mean CO2 (carbon dioxide) detectors, or CO (carbon monoxide)? Both can be products of combustion, but the monoxide is the really vicious poison.

I would say that wireless linking could be worth it - even if you do not have an existing security system it is possible to get sets of fire and gas detectors that link up using a kind of wireless hub. Of course it will cost you, but it may be worth it, especially to give faster warning if something goes wrong downstairs at night when folk are asleep upstairs.


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You only need LEDs (that form an alerting beacon) if you are deaf. Or you think you may have have deaf guests. Honestly though, most of the low power beacons are pretty poor. I wouldn't bother with them. They generally won't meet any disability legislation aimed at protecting deaf people in public places.

Voice output? Forget about it. Not as loud as a simple alert tone unit. Really just a marketing gimic.

My two pence. :)

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No home security system. And yeah I guess I meant CO not CO2. Out local fire department was discussing LED readouts for status, not illumination.

OK, I've seen some inexpensive units I'll get 2 of those.

Thanks all.