Home made solder fume extractor

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Hello all, I am thinking about making a home made fume extractor for soldering and I have some questions

1) Is it a worthwhile investment
2) Is it too dangerous to trust myself with building it
3) Is it as simple as pushing air through an active carbon filter
4) Any other tips?



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I made one as shown in the photo. I put a light inside too. Just cut a hole through my wall to the outside and added a computer fan on the outside of the house. I used metal dryer vent hose. It works well with not a lot of air moving but I don't really do very much so its good for me. If I was going to do more circuits I would build a bigger one. Its a lot better then smelling the fumes. When its not in use I just hang it up out of the way. It has been there for several years and still works fine.



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A "fume" extractor is really nothing more than a fan to move the smoke from here to there..with a hefty price tag. You can add carbon/hepa filters to remove any dust, etc...

Its FAR more important to always keep your work surface clean of lead residue/wash your hands/keep food (open containers,etc..) away.

The flux smoke is really only a mild irritant and as lead does not vaporize at the temps required for soldering there is no lead content in the "solder fumes" its all burnt flux,etc....