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I have some questions in which I do not understand what to do , suppose there is a house oand ut has 10 lights as I have shown in the diagram. I want to control each light from my mobile APP so I want to design system for this puropoes

I found that one raspberry pi is enough to control 10 lights with suitable relay modules . I do not understand whether the relay modules should be kept in different rooms or all relay modules should be kept in the same room with Raspberry Pi?



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It is possible to do it either way but it would be much easier and safer to run wires for a relay at each location rather than to re-wire the power for the lights. Either way, it is going to be a big job to pull all those wires without destroying your ceilings and walls.
Have you considered using Wi-Fi light switches in the rooms? You could control them directly with a phone app.


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I agree with Keith. I use lots of Phillips Hue Bulbs and Wemo switches/dimmers. All have great apps and also integrate into Google Home and Alexa.


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I want to design system for this puropoes
Why bother when you can buy something inexpensively?

I started using X-10 in the early 90's and have stayed with it. They have an interface that can be controlled from a smartphone. I think I bought it and never got around to using it.

I have a computer programmed control module that turns things on and off at certain times, and I have remotes located in several rooms so they can be controlled "manually".

If you really wanted to design something, you should use WiFi. I can control my water heater from my phone, but the app is quite dumb and can only change temperature, set/remove vacation mode, and detect leaks. I wanted to be able to have a schedule of vacation times so I can turn it off when hot water isn't going to be used and on a little while before hot water will be needed.