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Hello. A know little about this subject and I would like anybody to explain me the mechanism of overloading the home electric instalation: for example we have washing machine and dishwasher plugged in at the same time, the socket is hot.
And how is it possible that theese machines can work together? We know the current lows down when the resistance is higher, and in this case the more receivers we have the lower is current. How does it work?
I'm sorry for my English and thanks for help.


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It is possible that you are not overloading the circuit. You may have a problem with the outlet. If one connection is poor, it will experience resistive heating. This can cause a fire, even though the circuit is properly fused.

The contacts for the appliances can be dirty, which will cause heating. The outlet contacts can also be loose or pitted - same problem.

It is a good idea to turn power off to that outlet and investigate. Outpets are cheap to replace.