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Anyone interested in a HNC Electronics by distance learning

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Logis-Tech Associates, sub-division, A-1 Technical Training, an approved learning provider (SQA- Scottish Qualifications Authority accredited, Centre No: 3009491) are now enrolling and tutoring students on their HNC in Electronics Engineering by distance learning program.
A student needs 12 credits to obtain a HNC in Electronics Engineering.
Mandatory units include: Communication; Practical Skills; Mathematics for Engineering 1; Single Phase A.C. Circuits; Analogue Electronic Principles; Combinational Logic, Sequential Logic; High Level Engineering Software; Electronic Testing Skills (9 credits).

Optional units include: Electrical Networks & Resonance and Mathematics for Engineering 2 (2 credits).

Graded Unit: Electronics Engineering Graded Unit (1 credit)

On obtaining a HNC in Electronics Engineering a student may be eligible for entry into the 1st year of a B.Eng engineering degree programme.

I just thought some of you may be interested in this programme of study


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This seems like and advertisement to me, only senior members can advertise in the appropriate section. This is spam.