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We are doing our final year pjt based on hm2007 ic.
Its done using manual mode in which a keypad is used as input.
The problem i am facing right now is that whenever keypad is pressed i dont get the corresponding output (or any output) at the data bits. The DEN (data enable pin) doesnt become high when the keypad is pressed. Also the ME (memory enable pin) has no change when keypad is pressed. I have wired my circuit according to the data sheet. What might be the reasons for the problem i am facing. Is there anything additional i have to look out for?
Please help.

Circuit diagram link

Data Sheet link


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hello there i have a confussion about the HM2007 IC.
Do have to buy the ic which comes as part of the voice recognition kit or will it still work if i buy any HM2007 ic off the market and connect it as per the schematics from the data sheets?