Hijacked threads and subject lines

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Maybe we ranted about this before but I do not understand why people hijack threads. OK I can see it happening when someone starts a thread and you have a similar problem and kind of jump in and steal the conversation. We have probably all been guilty of that once in a while.

I am talking about when someone adds a question to the thread that has nothing to do with the thread at all. We just had another one recently that Bertus had to flag.

It is almost like people have never seen a forum before and have no concept of the meaning of a thread. I just can't figure it out. Even if you have never seen a forum, mailing list or news group before, spending just a few minutes in the forum should make you realize that the conversations are broken down into a related subject mater.

What are they thinking?

It is the same with subject lines themselves. For those that do start their own thread they will pick a subject line like "Help me". I just don't understand it.


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I think it's what you said: Internet newbies have bad internet etiquette in general. I just wish those guys learn eventually.


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Sounds like a job for AI software that can interpret each post and flag the offender when they aren't thinking straight.

Once that is accomplished, maybe someone will invent a monitor with a built in hand that can come out to slap the guy in the face. :p

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But how can it be an "internet newbie". Anyone under 30 has probably grown up with the internet.

Besides, like I mentioned, it should be perfectly obvious to anyone who has never seen a forum that you just don't post to any thread. Anyone with half a brain would see that after reviewing the forum for 5 minutes.

Lots of these seem to be from people whose first language is obviously not English. I just wonder if it is a language issue. But if so, if they can't understand the basic buttons on the forum then how can they understand an answer?

I have got to wonder about the language skills of some forum members. They can barely write a readable question. I wonder how they can understand the answer?

I know from my own experience. My Italian is very limited. I can just barely put enough vocabulary together to ask some basic questions but when it comes to understanding the answers I quickly become very lost. It's because the person answering is not aware of my Italian vocabulary. For things like directions to a location, I have learned to carry a pad and pencil and ask for them to write a map as opposed to answering verbally.


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You have to remember this site is international, and the people aren't born knowing VB or forum software. I take it for granted. There are occasional exceptions, but the vast majority is done with people who have 5 posts or less. Many of them English is a second language.


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When I see a post,I start with the last post,I don't go back to

the op's first post.Not on purpose, I see words that sent be in

in different direction,so I end up lost in the post and members

just post around me. Like Spinaker,a lot of verbage to tell us

he Italian. I have blue eyes.
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I have a similar question, has anyone wondered why domestic cats all have similar body and face shapes, but dogs have a huge variance?


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I have a similar question, has anyone wondered why domestic cats all have similar body and face shapes, but dogs have a huge variance?
I think it's because dogs have been domesticated for much longer than cats, and have been bred for show and work.

Think extremes of dog like Great Dane and Chiwowa (sp?).

But you can't really breed a cat to hunt with or stuff.

Also, there is a fair bit of variation, but so many people have short hair cats.


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Hijacking a thread on hijacking threads!! I love it!! ('Cept ya beat me to it!! :( )

A) Laziness? If the off-topic thread will be moved to a new thread, why should one go to the bother of creating a new thread? Let the mods earn their big bucks!

B) (More likely) The replies were so knowledgeable and pleasantly delivered, the nervous newbie would rather filter to the previous respondents than take a chance of having his head bitten off.

BTW, there are lots of places that do not have non-POTS Internet access. Sandy Ridge, NC being one of them.



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For those who understand memes...

Back on subject... I think it's very permittable to sometimes wander off of topic. If the original question has been answered, why not follow up with something which is related to your question/project which can be answered very easily in context (not having to direct people all over the site with links).

I'm on one or two other forums where posting is kept very on topic and with no hijacking of threads at all. It certainly doesn't have the friendliest atmosphere on the net...

No, I think it's often okay to wander slightly off the original topic, unless the OP feels that their thread is giving them nothing and/or it has turned into a mess of relevant and unrelevant posts.

My penny...



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There have been threads I have released to general discussion after I was through with them. If the OP declares open season then I'll try to honor it, but the problem is when I see a hijack I don't usually read the entire thread.