Higher current stripboard

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I want to build a power supply, 120VAC - 5VDC. So I need some kind of stripboard, tag board, or something that will handle the voltage and current levels that I'll be dealing with. Mains in to the transformer, then filtering, rectification, and 5VDC output at up to an amp. Do they make stripboard for these current levels? Are there alternatives?

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The transformer connection is better done off board. Breadboards aren't meant for over about 30 volts and 500mA at lower voltages.

Put the lower power circuit together on the breadboard, and run lines in from the transformer for power after the transformer (< 30V), and wires out to any power components, such as TO-220 package MOSFETs that have leads thicker than will fit in a breadboard.

For a soldered stripboard, 1 amp can be carried by the traces without an issue.