High voltage capacitors + diodes

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Hello, I'm working on a Tesla coil driven by an car ignition coil.
The ignition coil puts out a few kV AC, so I need to rectify it. Previously I made a recitifier out of 20 1n4007's (5 between AC and +, AC and - etc).
That worked alright, my high voltage capacitors were charging, but when they discharged in a spark gap, the diodes broke down. From what I've read should for example 2 1n4007's in series withstand 2kV of reverse voltage (2 x 1000). So my question is this, if I make a rectifier of say 200 (50 x 4) diodes, will each terminal (AC to + etc) withstand 50kV?

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First, I think this is too dangerous for this forum and might be shut down by the moderators.

Second, a long string of diodes needs to have their reverse voltages equalized with a bunch of parallel resistors.

Third, there must be a better diode for this job.

Good luck and don't kill yourself.


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