High speed layout guidelines - Links to application notes

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I wanted to start this thread just to do a collection of links containing application notes, and websites, regarding high speed PCB layout. Links to videos are also welcome. I'f you wish to suggest a link to add to these, please ask me. The OP will be edited as it goes.

High-Speed Interface Layout Guidelines
The "application report" SPRAAR7H from Texas instruments. It contains general high speed design guidelines, as well for several protocols: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SATA, PCIe, HDMI, and others.

High-Speed Layout Guidelines for Signal Conditioners and USB Hubs
Application note SLLA414 from Texas instruments. Despite the name, it doesn't contain guidelines only for USB, but for other protocols as well. It approaches many subjects of the previous document, but also includes tables of single-ended and differential impedance values for the different protocols.

Toradex Layout Design Guide
It is a very comprehensive guide that approaches PCB stackups and trace impedance, namely on microstrips and striplines, both single and differential.

Please, feel free to suggest more links!

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